August 11, 2006

Winding up..

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We just got back from College Week at Glorieta with all the college staff. The kids went with us so we had 2 associates, 2 interns, and our family of 4 piled in a 10 passenger van for a drive across Texas and into New Mexico. I was a little nervous about taking the kids, but they did excellent! They enjoyed getting to hang out with "Miss Lisa", Jonathan, "Miss Jenn", and Travis. Kyle and I enjoyed getting to know everyone on a deeper level, as well seeing Phillip and Cami Bethancourt, Kevin and Lynlee Ueckert, Scott and Lori McDonald, and lots of other college ministers that we've connected with over the years. We spent alot of time praying and thinking toward the upcoming year of college ministry, especially what the Lord has for us in discipleship. We were encouraged by spending time with people who have walked this road alot longer than we have. So now the wind up begins for another year....class of 2010 arrives soon! We're excited to meet them and to continue on with the older students!