September 5, 2006

Praying for Your Husband

I was listening to a talk today by Martha Peace based on her book "The Excellent Wife". She offered a list of things we can pray for our husbands on a daily basis. I often focus on just a few things when I pray for Kyle so it was good to have the list so I wanted to share this with all you married ladies.

1) Pray that he will be the head of the home. Eph 5:23
2) Pray that he will be wise in how he leads. Eph 5:17
3) Pray that he will live with you in a biblically understanding way so that his prayers will not
be hindered. I Peter 3:7
4) Pray for his salvation if he’s not a Christian. I Thess 5:17
5) Pray that he will increase in his biblical love for you; that he will love you as Christ loves
the church. Eph 5
6) Pray that he will not be embittered or harsh toward you. Col 3:19
7) Pray that he will be sexually pure in actions and thoughts. I Cor 6:18-20
8) Pray that he will repent of any particular sinful weakness that he has. Phil 1:9-11