December 10, 2006


Erin, thanks for the tag. I feel so special. Several of my blogging friends have been playing a game of blogging tag to find out new and interesting things about each other (check out Thomas and Rachel's blog, Bethany's blog, Kelly and Flonessa's, and Erin and Jonathan's). So here's my contribution of 5 things you may or may not know about me:

1) When I was in high school, I always had to cart around my little sister. She insisted on singing along to everything on the radio and this drove me crazy. But what really infuriated me was her singing along to "unchained melody" which happened to be my "song" with my high school boyfriend. And she knew it too and just did it to make me mad.

2) I had braces twice: one time in 5th-6th grades and then they were put back on in 8th-11th. Along with braces, I had a spacer that my dad had to stick a tool in and twist every morning and made my nose tingle, rubberbands, and the ever-beautiful headgear. If I didn't wear my headgear at night, my mom would make me wear it to school. I even had a pink sweatshirt of animals wearing headgears. After I finally got my braces off in 11th grade, my mom was a nazi about my retainer. The night of prom, she insisted that I put on my retainer. Thankfully, my dad stepped can't dance a slow dance to "unchained melody" with a retainer on.

3) I saw our current President, George W., in his boxers. When I was a senior at A&M, they opened and dedicated his dad's library. I was studying in the MSC late one night during the week of the festivities. As I walked out by the hotel front desk, down comes George to get a coke out of the coke machine in his boxers and an undershirt. We made eye contact, but I had no idea what to do in that situation so I just kept walking.

4) I love organizing. I am the opposite of a pack rat, so much so that I enjoy opening the mail just so I can throw things away and organize what's left.

5) My secret ambitions are to be a writer, a photographer, or to go on the Amazing Race. Or just simply to have a day of no responsibility would be nice.

OK, I tag Kyle, Sarah, Jo, Jamee, and Jenny. Go....