February 17, 2007

When the Cats away...

The Mice tried to play. Kyle had to be out of town all Friday and Saturday for his last BYX Board meeting and Summit with all the BYX guys. I was not excited about that, but my sister and I made plans for Friday night. I would come down and Travis, my brave brother-in-law, would keep all 3 boys while we went out for a girl's night out (which we decided would probably end around 9 pm because we'd be too tired). So off I went on Friday afternoon and just past Navasota, Reese puked in the backseat several times. It was one of those where you don't even know where to begin cleaning it up. So I immediately turned back around and went home, cleaned and washed everything from the car seat to my clothes and put the boys down for a nap. Reese woke up, ate a snack, and was happy as can be so I thought, "He's doing fine. I don't want my girl's night out to go to waste." So I loaded up the car again and wouldn't you know it, a few miles out of Navasota, he threw up again. Back we went to College Station. Back to the washing machine and back to no girl's night out. Why does this stuff always happen when Kyle is out of town?

So today we get up, the sun is shining, Reese is eating and no throw up is coming. I'm feeling good. And things started out great. Great moods all around. This afternoon, we ventured out to the playground and the trouble began again. Reese was walking (yeah! I know!) and he busted right into the corner of the metal playground equipment. His forehead swelled up like a unicorn horn within seconds. Yikes, it looked bad and he was not a fan of the ice on it. I had to make a very important run to Wal-Mart on a Saturday and on the way I noticed the car was making funny sounds. And they were so loud that I noticed other drivers looking over at me. Our car sometimes makes rattling noises so I didn't think much of it really. I pulled into Walmart, the noise is getting louder, and everyone is staring! I felt like the Clampets come to town with my unicorn son and my Model-T sputtering into the parking space.

On the way home, I am about a mile from the house and I notice a light has come on on the dashboard and then after stopping at a light, it's just not running right. I have to really press on the gas to get it to go. I am getting closer to the house and just praying to make it home. As I turn into the neighborhood, it is getting worse and as I turned onto our street, the power steering went out and the car just started dying. Miracles of all miracles, I coasted into the driveway just as it gave out and the hood began to steam.

What a weekend. At the end, Reese bumped his head in the bathtub right next to his unicorn horn. Will is jumping around on the furniture. And the doorbell rings.........
Girl scout cookies are here! I didn't even know we had ordered any. But hooray for Thin Mints! They salvaged the whole day!