March 23, 2007

I'm Back

March has flown by and we have been quite busy enjoying Spring Break and, now, getting back into the swing of normal life.

Kyle did 3 weddings over Spring Break, two of which were between former leaders in our ministry. It's always really cool to see our former students serving the Lord and raising up strong families! We also celebrated our 7 year anniversary on March 11th in Houston. My parents were nice enough to keep the kids so we could have some time together to relax and celebrate. The picture is of our family with Lacy and Adam and their new baby girl when they stopped in College Station to visit and watch the Aggie game.

Will and Reese are doing great. We are so proud of the progess both are making. Will, for one, is blowing us away with new phrases and skills. Today, I was in our bedroom and I heard Will say from the living room, "Mom, come here!" so he could show me a toy. He's never said that before and it was so wonderful to hear. He also got to play with Sam Kinnard, a friend's son, at the park yesterday and they had the best time running around, laughing together, and making up some silly game on the slide that only boys would play. Reese is walking great and dropping the Frankenstein motions. He is also communicating more. He loves to say "Hi" when you walk in his room after naps or when he comes downstairs to see Dad. He also loves to point to trees and tries to say the word and shakes his head yes when I ask him if he wants something.

We are disappointed about our Aggies, but have enjoyed watching them this season. Maybe next year!