July 30, 2007

Friends Galore (and so much more)

The Hoover family has had some fun times this past week and some good things to report. On Friday, we spent the day with the Blackwells, friends from college, and their two boys. We actually got some good conversation in even with 4 boys running wild. Kyle and I were refreshed just being with such like-minded friends.

Reese and Carter

All four boys

That afternoon, I got to leave for my annual Girls Weekend with my college girlfriends. We met at a lakehouse on Lake Conroe and I think all we did all weekend was eat and gab and sleep a little. We did take the boat out and it died on us in the middle of the lake. But I had a great time having kidless "girl" time and getting to catch up on their lives. Combined with my time with Shannon, I'm feeling rejuvenated!! Thank you, Kyle, for taking care of the kids so I could go.

Yesterday, I also got to see my parents and Sarah and Travis (on my mom's birthday...happy birthday mom) for lunch in the woodlands. I've just been socializing out the wazoo.

The best news is that I took Will to his first dentist appointment today and it went GREAT! I was nervous because he usually tends to freak out in these situations but it was no problem at all. I was so proud. I told him beforehand that if he did everything the dentist asked of him, he could have a lollipop when we got home (that is the one bribe that seems to work with him) and right when he jumped out of the chair with the dentist right there he said, "mama, I want a lollipop!!" Ooops....