August 30, 2007

Full Fall!

There are lots of wonderful things happening in the Hoover household right now!
  • Will starts school Monday, Sept 10! We get to meet his teacher tomorrow morning (they make home visits, which is really nice) and we'll get to tour his classroom on Monday. He already knows Mrs. Goldfine because he was in her classroom last year for speech so we are excited to know her too! Will is excited about school and talks about it everyday, although he says he doesn't want to ride the bus. I'm starting to feel a little sad. I'll miss being with the Willster all day, but I'm so thankful for this opportunity for him. Kyle and I feel this year will be pivotal for him.
  • We find out next Wednesday, Sept 5 the sex of our baby! I think everyone and their dog is thinking it's a girl. But don't be shocked if it's a trinity of boys around here. I would be completely shocked if they said it's a girl. But we're super excited to know! This pregnancy has gone so fast. I'm already 20 weeks!!
  • Kyle is in the big fat middle of college ministry craziness, which means the boys and I haven't gotten to see him as much as we'd like, but things have gotten off to a great start with the Aggies and we're so thankful. We love college students and working with them so we're extra glad to have them back in town (although traffic is a big booger).
  • Reese is learning to communicate what he needs with words instead of whining! Mom is so happy! Although I do have to remind him all the time that whining doesn't get him anywhere and I need to hear words to jump into action. But I'm encouraged he's learning!
  • I'm in the process of planning a very exciting discipleship conference at our church that is happening on Sept 7. I can't wait for our church to learn more about discipleship and become more of a disciple making church! (If you are a Centralite and you are reading this and haven' t signed up, you better or else!)
Now don't you just feel so updated?