September 27, 2007

Little Schoolboy

This is now Will's third week of school and he is in his little schedule and enjoying going to school so much. Where we were waking him up in the morning, he now bounds down the stairs at 6:45 ready for breakfast so he can go to school. It seems his favorite things are riding the bus and "math tubs" because that's all he talks about. They have already been on two field trips: to the library and to pick cotton. And he really loves his teacher, Mrs. Goldfine. He has initiated giving her hugs in the morning when he goes into the classroom. She is an excellent teacher and has even sent me some pictures of Will at school that I wanted to pass along.

Playing at centers

Going to pick cotton

Getting ready to go home on the school bus

His class on the playground
On Tuesday we went for a Head Start Family Celebration where the Aggie Wranglers performed (Will loved it) and all the kids sang a few songs. I always laughed at the parents who sat in the front with their video cameras, but that was me! Will did a great job. He looked lost for some of the songs, but so did 90% of the kids. But the ones he knew well he sang and did the hand motions. His favorite part was when the audience clapped after each song...he looked very proud of himself. I'll post pictures of this next time!
On a final note, Mrs. Vanessa, his in-home trainer said yesterday that he is doing very well and she's seen a dramatic difference in him even from over the summer. She said he is very close to being where every other 4 year old is! That was very encouraging. His speech therapist at school also said that she walked past the playground last week and when he saw her he waved and said, "Hi Mrs. Youngblood!" which is very huge for him. She said she was even shocked into a silence for a second. He is growing by leaps and bounds. We are so proud of our little Will.