September 10, 2007


Will had a successful first day of school today and we are so thankful. I must admit it was pretty difficult to drop him off and leave him there, especially knowing that he can't really tell us what happens at school. He even rode the bus home! I waited at the bus stop and the bus came up and stopped and I couldn't see any children. The bus driver asked who I was looking for and when I said Will he looked back and said, "Is that him?" I walked up the steps and saw this little head peeking over the back of the very last seat and when he saw me he smiled. He said he had fun riding the bus, eating lunch, and playing on the playground. I wonder if he realizes he goes back tomorrow and then the next....

Reese and I had a good day together. It was very quiet without big brother around, but we read lots of books and worked puzzles and wrestled. I think they missed each other. In fact, when Will got home he told Reese he missed him. Sweet!!