November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Reese!

Yesterday, November 14th, was Reese's second birthday. I can hardly believe he's already 2! It seems like just yesterday that he was born and now we're counting down the days until his little brother comes. We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese's and got special cookies in the mall the night before his birthday. He went to Mother's Day Out on his actual birthday and they gave him this really cool hat...

Reese is such a great little boy. We love having him in our family. He is learning new words all the time...his favorites right now are "Good job" and "Big Bird". He even says "Thank you" and can count to ten! He is absolutely in love with anything Sesame Street, swinging and/or playing outside, reading books, and building towers with blocks. He loves to go to church and gets lots of special love and attention from his teachers there. Everytime we go, he insists on riding the elevator and running around in the sanctuary (he learned this from his big brother). He has gotten to where he says hi and bye and waves to other kids about his age that we'll see around town, but other than that he is pretty shy around grown-ups and strangers. His favorite toy is his Elmo toy and he carries it with him everywhere, even to bed. His favorite foods are yogurt, milk, and spaghetti. Hopefully this year will bring lots and lots of new discoveries and growth with our little Reese. Happy Birthday, little buddy!