December 28, 2007

Old Friends

Over the Christmas break, our little family went to Tyler for a few days to visit my parents and see extended family. Little Reese was sick so that clouded Christmas day a little, but Will did great and had a great time. The day after Christmas my middle school/high school girlfriends were miraculously all in Tyler (from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Dallas) so we got together with hubbies to meet up for dinner and to meet and interrogate Anne's boyfriend. It was a blast! You can see also that two of us are very pregnant. I have known these girls for almost 20 years now (wow) and it's always lots of fun to get together and catch up.

I am 13 days away from giving birth to our third child and I think about it, oh, several times a minute. I'm so ready!! We can't wait to meet our little guy and see how he fits into our family.