June 8, 2008

Church Planting Update

Well, Kyle has officially worked himself out of a job! Central is bringing George Jacobus as it's new university minister and he'll be starting in a just a few weeks. We're super excited about George and his wife, Lindsay, and what the Lord is going to do through them here in College Station. To be honest, though, it's a weird time of transition as Kyle continues to serve on staff at Central and, at the same time, work toward starting a new church (in another state!). Our hope is to be in Charlottesville by early August in order to settle in and allow Will to start Kindergarten there. There are alot of steps in between now and then! So this post is to say one thing: we need prayer!!! 

I am putting together a prayer partners list for friends and family who want to keep up with what is happening with our family and our new church as we move and get settled. We will send out periodic updates and opportunities for prayer by email. If you'd like to be on that list, please email me or comment me and I'll put you on the list!

For now, we need prayer for these things:
  • We really need to sell our house! Obviously, we can't buy a new house until we sell the one we're living in. Please pray for us to wait well and to trust God in this.
  • We are currently raising financial support and alot hangs on this as well. Pray for churches and individuals who will catch a vision of what we're doing and partner with us in it. 
  • We also are "people-raising", meaning we're talking to people about coming with us. So far, the Lord has led about 10-15 people to relocate to Charlottesville with us, get jobs, and reach their co-workers. We are SO excited about this and especially at the caliber of the people coming. Please pray for those who are still making final decisions or just in general for anyone interested to have clarity. Pray for them to find jobs and places to live.
  • This summer is really busy and we need time set aside to process the end of 7 years of ministry here and prepare our hearts and family for a new future. 
Thank you, friends and family, for your support in all this! We are really excited about what God is calling us to do and are thankful for those who have encouraged us in this.