August 1, 2008

Church Planting Update

We sent this update out yesterday:

The month of July has been a whirlwind. We sold our house around the first of the month, packed up the house, and moved out a week ago. As soon as we sold it, we made a quick trip to Charlottesville to search for a house. Thankfully, through many ups and downs of offers and rejections and houses off the market, we bought a house that we love and can't wait to live in. It has a large family room that will be perfect for hosting people and starting the church. After we do some updating, it will definitely be a dream house for us. It also is in the school zone that we hoped to be in since Will starts Kindergarten in a few short weeks. We are thankful for all God has done for us!

We have been in Tyler with my parents for the past week and will be here until the house can close in CVille. We are excited and eager to get there and get settled! There are many details to be taken care of from a distance and I think Kyle and I both have had our ears attached to our phones over the past week. The kids are handling it all beautifully. We know they are going to love life in CVille!

Before we left College Station, Kyle was working hard to people-raise and support-raise. We were meeting with a core team that plans to move and join us at different points in the next year. Bill Bray, Kyle's long time friend and currently a youth minister in Ft. Worth, has committed to joining us and will serve as the teaching pastor with Kyle. He is currently searching for a place to live and raising support. We are so grateful for his partnership in this endeavor. We also have a worship leader, Nick, who is hoping to come soon but needs a job. We are privileged to have such quality people (probably about 10, some still praying through it) coming to do life with us and reach the city.

The first question we're always asked is, "What are you going to do when you get there?" That is an excellent question and one we don't necessarily have a set answer to ourselves. We will be settling in and helping our kids get started in school and preschool. We will be intentionally meeting people, like neighbors, parents of other children at schools. We have signed Will up for soccer and me up for MOPS as a way of meeting people and we plan to take classes (like Kyle playing hockey). We will start visiting the churches in the area to get a feel for what is happening in Cville. And soon we will be starting to meet and study the Word on Sunday evenings with those we meet and invite. Kyle and Bill will start doing surveys and setting a strategy for reaching our target group: young families, young single professionals, and college students.

Life is very busy and very full right now and we are striving to protect our individual times with the Lord, which always gives us peace and comfort and assurance in this tumultuous time. He continues to affirm our calling to this place even when we waver or doubt or struggle. We definitely have had our moments of thinking, "what in the heck are we doing?" and thoughts of not being adequate for what lies ahead. Thankfully, we serve the same God that Joshua and Caleb served when they spied out the land, saw the giants, and went ahead believing God would do it...and He did. We know that God has to do this because there is no way we can do it.

We love you guys!! Thanks for your encouragement along the way. We will continue to need it I'm sure.