August 20, 2008

We're Virginians!

Well, we're settling in and I'm finally up and running on the blog again. So I wanted to show you our house! Isn't it beautiful? I love it and am having fun getting everything in order. Pretty much all the houses look something like this: two story, colonial, shutters, porches, trees. God has tremendously blessed us!We are enjoying Charlottesville so far. We have met alot of people! I've been surprised at how I already feel like we're meeting people and making friends. Our neighbors have been great and all of them have boys! We're playing with some of them tomorrow. We definitely have our "moments" of sadness and feelings of being overwhelmed, but I have felt God so near reminding me over and over of His faithfulness and His pleasure in obedience.

Virginia is definitely different than Texas! Here are some things I've learned so far:
  • Everyone loves organic foods, products, local foods, etc. It's very granola here.
  • I have not met many people with more than one child except for our neighbors. I went grocery shopping today and people were literally staring at my children as we walked up and down the aisles. Maybe they are just really cute? I definitely felt different.
  • Roads and exits are way different than in Texas. Whereas in Texas, you can see everything right off the highway and there are frontage roads, here you have to exit and then drive back to see what is there. In Texas, EVERY exit has a gas station, a fast food place, and a bank. Here, I still have only seen one fast food place, but that's OK b/c it's Chikfila!!! But there just aren't many restaraunts and stuff like that. In fact, this town (bigger than CS and has a university) just recently got Target. And thank goodness they did.
  • I am pretty good at directions, but yesterday I went to find the post office and totally got lost and had to come back home. The names of the streets change from one block to the next and there are all sorts of twists and turns.
  • People are really friendly here! I think they are actually friendlier here than in Texas. I have received two meals and one pan of brownies from different neighbors.
  • The cost of living is alot of higher. On my grocery trip, I realized everything is about 50 cents to a dollar higher than my store in CS.
  • The weather is WONDERFUL!! Today the high was in the low 80's. Sorry, Texans. I know you're jealous. This place is simply beautiful, full of hills, trees, and not overrun with concrete.
So that's what I've made of the place so far. Will starts kindergarten tomorrow so I'm sure I'll post again tomorrow with some pictures of that. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement along the way!!