September 25, 2008

Blast from the Past

Don't you sometimes wonder how you got where you are in life? Sometimes I wake up and think "How did I get to be married and have 3 kids?" I remember asking my grandmother when I was younger about how she met my grandfather and about their first date, how they got engaged, etc. and she couldn't really remember all the little details. I couldn't understand that, but now after being married 8 1/2 years and having pregnancy brain 3 times, some of the details of my courtship with Kyle have faded a bit. Thank goodness for journals!

I've been thinking about these things so I pulled out my old journals and read through them this afternoon. Some of them were from high school! But my favorites were from those years in college, especially when Kyle popped up in them and I started praying about him. It's so good that even in your youth and immaturity, God gives us discernment and wisdom in making life choices that we'll carry with us for a lifetime!

I remember in my counseling classes we learned that one of the best things to do in marriage counseling is to have the couple think through the reasons they fell in love with and married the other person. Isn't it good to remember? Here is what I found in my journal (and is the story of Kyle and me). The backstory is that Kyle and I dated for six months my junior year in college and then broke up for 6 months. The journal picks up after that 6 months. I was recording the events of several weeks.

Kyle dropped a bomb on me a few days ago. We were talking after our Phi Lamb and BYX meetings in the MSC and he asked me to BYX formal. It absolutely shocked me and at first I wasn't so sure about it. He told me his intentions were as friends and that he didn't want to go with anyone else or spend $ on anyone else (I find that hilarious that he said that) I prayed about it and decided to go. (Right after Kyle asked me to formal, another guy I had been friends with all through college told me he wanted to start dating me and I was considering this when Kyle asked me to formal "as friends") I randomly ran into Kyle on campus after (we'll call him Bob) had talked to me and told him we needed to talk. Of course, Kyle said we shouldn't go to formal now, but then he started to ask me about Bob. Was he a good guy? Could he be my spiritual leader? I said yes and immediately felt uneasy in my spirit. Kyle could tell and said, "Why don't we meet up at All Faith's tonight and we can talk about it?" I knew I still cared about Kyle and missed him and I felt all of this was so difficult to make decisions about. That night, we met at All Faith's and we talked about family, our lives, and, finally, the issue. I still was confused and he said, "This will probably confuse you more, but the Lord has really laid you on my heart this semester. I just asked you to formal as friends, but I desire to hang out with you and get to know you more." The next day, I woke up knowing what I needed to do--not date Bob, but also guard my heart with Kyle. I told Kyle I would go to formal and we started talking more. One night we talked on the phone for 2-3 hours. I got more and more excited about formal. The whole week before he gave me part of a top ten list of why we would have a blast at formal. Formal came and we had tons of fun with our friends and with each other. The night of the dance, I came down and Kyle whispered in my ear "You are beautiful". That night, he asked to spend some one on one time with me (we went with a group of friends). He basically laid it out: Christine, you're the one that I want. I like you alot and stuff like that. I was nervous because of last year, but when we got back to CS we started hanging out. I went to his house one day and I remember him saying, "If that was anyone else, I was going to be disappointed." One night, he planned a date for me. We went out to eat and afterwards went to his mentor's (Barry Nelson!) house in the country where you could feed deer out of your hand. He built a campfire and we sat outside in the cold watching and feeding deer and talking. That night we talked about marriage. Kyle said, "If I got to marry you, it would be more than I could hope for."

Ok, so that's only a snippet of the whole story. Did I get a good one or what? And it only took 3 years more for us to actually tie the knot. 

I would definitely do it all over again.