September 16, 2008

Come, Holy Spirit!

In this whole church planting experience, I have had many many different emotions and this thing hasn't even gotten rolling yet. No telling what this next year holds for our family or how much my faith will be challenged, but today I am overwhelmed with excitement! 

I started reading through Acts yesterday. You know, where Jesus is about to leave and He tells his disciples (who have just seen a miraculous resurrection) to wait for the promised Holy Spirit. I'm not sure they really understood a lick of what was about to happen, but they gathered together and waited and waited and waited. I thought about them waiting, uncertain about what was about to happen, when Jesus would return, and how they were supposed to go back to "normal" life after three years with God Himself. So they prayed....alot....and continued to wait together until one sudden moment the Holy Spirit came upon them and then their world and the rest of it was rocked. Immediately, there were those who were saved and those who mocked. I love how Acts 2:40 comes right after all this that describes the birth of the new church, that the HS "cut to the hearts" of the unsaved, and God "added daily to those who were being saved." 

I found this all so exciting to read again yesterday because I feel like one of those disciples sitting and waiting for an explosion of the Holy Spirit here in my new city. I know God called me here, but there is uncertainty about the future. I must wait actively by praying and begging God to show up here and do His thing. And I love that through Peter (who God used to bring the unsaved into the new church) I'm reminded that God can use ANYONE, that I have the same HS inside of me described in Acts, and I serve the same God that can "add to those who are being saved".  I am loving living a page out of Acts. I feel like we're on the cusp of getting to see the hand of God like we haven't before. 

It is so cool that if we step out in faith, God WILL NOT fail us. Never. Ever. Ever. Front row seats are definitely the best seats!