September 18, 2008

Drum Roll Please

We have a name for this seedling of a church and it feels a little strange to throw it out there, but here it is: Charlottesville Community Church. Simple. Basic. Easy. I like it alot for those reasons. 

In other news, I wanted to give updates on each family member.

  • Kyle is doing good and busy working on logistical details because we are starting this church plant thing with a Bible study this Sunday at 6 pm in our home. Bill and Nick have arrived and are getting settled and I know Kyle (and me too) is so glad to have them here. If you think of us, please pray for Sunday evening and especially for Kyle as he leads and teaches. Kyle is also training for the Marine Corp marathon, which is the last weekend in October. He is running for the Organization for Autism Research in honor of Will and, thanks to incredibly generous family members, has raised quite a bit for autism research. 
  • I am enjoying getting to know some moms here in Cville. I have struggled some days with the instability of it all, but am generally liking it here. I have also met some UVA girls, which feels like "home" to me (being with college girls). I am hoping those relationships will soon turn into discipleship relationships. I am volunteering at Will's school, going to MOPS to meet other moms, and carting kids around to all their stuff.
  • Will loves kindergarten! He is a pro at school, loves his teacher, and is making friends in his classroom and with the boys that live across the street from us. He started swim lessons yesterday and will start soccer on Saturday. I am overwhelmed at the miracle of our son and how well he is doing. He LOVES living here because we have tons of sticks, rocks, and dirt for digging in our yard. He spends most afternoons playing outside.
  • Reese has started preschool two mornings a week and is doing well with it. He loves when Will gets home and follows him around everywhere. He is potty trained (for the most part) and is really communicating well with us. The terrible 2's haven't ended quite yet, but he is generally doing well. 
  • Luke is 8 months old now, but still no crawling, which is OK by mom. He babbles alot. He definitely says "dada" but doesn't direct it at Kyle yet. He also says "baba" which we'll take as "bye-bye". He gets rave reviews at all the church nurseries we've visited. He is such a happy camper.