October 28, 2008

My Man Ran a Marathon!

Kyle ran his second marathon in D.C. on Sunday, the Marine Corp Marathon. I am so proud of him! He said this one was harder than the first, probably because he was sick the whole week before and wasn't able to run and felt weak the day of the race. But despite that, he finished around 5 hours (5 hours of running...that freaks me out) and didn't kill himself or do any serious damage to his body. He said around mile 24 he hit a wall where his body just wouldn't work and he seriously thought about talking to a medic, but he just kept going.

I am especially proud of Kyle because he ran this marathon in honor of our oldest son, Will, and used the race to raise money for autism research. He raised it for the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) and was the third highest raiser in this marathon with a little more than $3000!! Thank you to all who contributed in honor of Will. It honored us as well and inspired Kyle as he trained in the exhausting mountains of Virginia. 

Way to go Kyle!!