October 6, 2008

Random Stuff

Life has been pretty crazy lately, but we did manage to find some down time on Saturday to spend time with the kids and enjoy the nice weather. We're on the verge of fall around here and I can't wait! Everyday more and more leaves are turning and I am definitely excited about the full turning and getting to experience a fall in the northeast. One of the coolest parts about living here is the incredible weather. We haven't had our AC or our heater on in probably 3 or 4 weeks because we can just open the windows and enjoy a cool breeze. 

Church stuff is going well. I am not going to write much more on here about it so if you want updates, let me know and I'll put you on our update list.

The most interesting thing that we are learning is that most people who are not Christians we talk to either 1) have a church background that they have left or 2) have had some experience with Christians that has left them completely uninterested in Christianity. We also have found that 99% of people are open to talking. They just don't want a combative conversation, but to be heard and listened to and treated with respect and love. It makes me sad that alot of people only know what we as Christians are against and have not experienced the love of Christ through a Christian or been given the gospel. But, anyway, we are encouraged that people are willing to engage us. I'll close with some pictures:

This was right before church last Sunday. Nick was warming up and the boys were super enthralled with his guitar.
We live literally a few miles from Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. There is a 2 mile walk you can take from a main road by our house right up to his house. I guess you could say we're neighbors with TJ. We took the walk halfway on Saturday and fed the geese.
Will feeding the geese Cheez Its. Hey...it's all we had.
Gorgeous! You can see some of the leaves turning.
Reese just wanted to eat the Cheez Its.
Can you tell Luke is teething?