November 14, 2008

Top 10 Things We Love About Our Three Year Old Reese

  1. He wears sunglasses everywhere he goes, even to bed. But he makes sure to take them off to go to the bathroom. Guess you need to be able to see to have good aim!
  2. He loves to watch Daddy play Mario Cart. He gets so excited when "they" win and says "That's so sad" when they don't.
  3. He runs full speed everywhere he goes, which is usually wherever Will is going.
  4. He loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to baby brother Luke.
  5. He loves to read Curious George books, his going to the potty book, and Diego and Dora.
  6. He loves to watch "SuperWhy" on PBS and dance at the end (see last post).
  7. His favorite word is no. Everytime we say "Happy Birthday Reese" he says "No". Us: Reese do you want presents for your birthday? Reese: No Us: Reese do you want cupcakes for your birthday? Reese: No. And on and on it goes. This isn't something we love, but we do love our little guy's personality.
  8. He loves to sing songs like "Wheels on the Bus" and Will's song "Tis so Sweet". On "Tis So Sweet" he always starts us all on the second verse.
  9. He looks just like his Daddy.
  10. He loves to jump off anything we let him: fireplace, bed, couch, slides.
Happy Birthday Reesie! We love you!