February 28, 2009

Will in a Wedding Part Two

If you saw my last post, you saw that Will was in a wedding last weekend that Kyle officiated. Will got to fly on an airplane for the first time and he was so excited! He had a countdown going for about a month. He lost his first tooth about a week or two beforehand and received some money to buy a treat at the airport from the tooth fairy.  They flew out of Charlottesville and Will had spent his money before going through security! He bought a stuffed dog that he named Charlie and Kyle said Charlie went everywhere (and was almost left everywhere) that Will went that weekend. He even took him to show-and-tell at school the Monday he got back and wanted to inform everyone of the states he had been in: Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia.

The best story of the trip involved security. Kyle told Will to take his shoes off and was busy getting himself ready to go through by taking his shoes off and his belt. Suddenly, he heard the security people yelling, "No! No!" Will had taken his shirt off and was in the process of dropping his drawers.