May 8, 2009


Kyle always said he would feel like Charlottesville was home when he started seeing people that he knew out and about around town. Every once in a while it would happen for one of us and we'd run home and tell the other and rejoice like we had accomplished something. It's starting to happen more often now. Wednesday I took the kids to story time at Barnes & Nobles and saw a fellow mom I knew, but didn't know well. We got to chat and I realized how much I really like her. Yesterday, I ran into a friend at Target. Monday, Kyle ran into two different people that he knows, one who he sees literally EVERYWHERE and we believe God is using these "random" run-ins to bring this guy to Him. As I sit and write at a coffee shop (Friday is Kyle's day off which means it's my day off!!!), a lady I don't know walked by the window. But I know she works at Continental Divide, one of our favorite places to eat.

All this to say, I feel like this place is becoming home. I feel like Cville is starting to run through my blood a little. It doesn't have good Mexican food or BlueBell ice cream. It's very East Coast. They love their wine and cheese and bowties here. They really love bumper stickers about political or social causes and personalized license plates (my favorite so far: KID POOH) They love running (I think there is some sort of 5K every weekend) and the environment. There are no megachurches around here and many people don't love Jesus. It's pretty liberal and really expensive to live here. It's surrounded by mountains and has 4 seasons. 

Most of the things about Cville are not me. I am not like this place in alot of ways, but it has slowly become home. I think about what my personalized license plate might be (I've decided it would have to be something from The Office). I have started running (kicking and screaming). I love you can see and feel the need people have for Jesus. I love being in a small church and knowing it will never be a megachurch. I love the mountains and the seasons. I even think the bowties are kind of cute.

I still get excited every time I see an A&M sticker or a Texas license plate, but, what can I say? I kind of like it here.