June 18, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My kids have been cracking me up lately.

When Mimi was here, we asked Reese what his favorite thing about an outing was and he loudly exclaimed, "ME!"

Will has been obsessed with "when he gets taller". He asks Kyle and I constantly how old he will be when he's taller than us. We decided on 22 just to give him a concrete answer. We asked him what he will do when he's taller than us.....Does he want to be a daddy? ("yes") Does he want to get married? ("maybe"). When he said he wanted to be a daddy, we asked him what he would do when he was a daddy. He said, "I'll have a phone and put lots of games on it and play on it all the time." 

He has realized that my favorite drink is Coke and he recognizes it wherever we go. We were at Target yesterday and he yelled excitedly, "Look mom, it's Coca!" He calls it Coca, even though I've told him a million times he can just call it coke. When we were having another "When will I be taller than you?" talks, he told me when he gets taller than me, he will drink Coca too.

Today, Will was saying his memory verses and he accidentally combined two of them. He said, "Jesus said, I am the way to your parents."