July 20, 2009


Summer has always been one my favorite seasons for reading! I remember going to the library with my mom and sister during the summer break and taking great delight in picking out new books. I loved everything about them: the feel, the look, the smell, and the words. I've enjoyed taking my boys to the library each Monday this summer and letting them pick out books to read together at home. It's especially fun now that Will has learned to read.

I have been busy reading some great books that I highly recommend.

First, there is Born Again. It is the autobiography of Chuck Colson (he was an aide to President Nixon and sent to prison for Watergate) and how he came to know Christ. It's a great mix of history and getting to read about the transformation of a life.

Second, I would recommend reading Spiritual Warfare by Jerry Rankin. I thought it would be all demons and stuff, but what I learned the most was about my flesh and what denying myself really means. Chapter 6 was the best part.

Finally, I am currently reading The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. The title is unfortunate because it really has nothing to do with homemaking. It's premise is that our God is a creative God and, as believers, we should reflect Him by aesthetic practices and creativity in our daily lives. She gives practical ideas and suggestions that, honestly, I've never thought of before. I also thought of certain people that would love certain chapters: Shannon (interior decorating), Faith (drawing and painting), Sherrie (drawing and painting), Rachel Supercinski (gardening, food) and maybe others will come to me the more I read. It has also encouraged me to pursue the creative things that I love to do that draw attention to the Lord.