November 14, 2009

Reese Turns 4

Happy Birthday to our sweet Reese! We've had a super fun day celebrating. He got to play with a few friends this morning and this afternoon we went to Build a Bear and Chil-Fil-a to celebrate before coming home for cake.

We marvel everyday at our little boy and how he's growing and changing. These are the things I want to remember about Reese at 4:
  • He has little conversations with himself and then will come up to me holding out a paintbrush like he's interviewing me before he runs off.
  • If he's going to take off running, he always lifts one leg up high before taking off.
  • When he is going to grab something, he makes a "scow" sound when he's picking it up.
  • He is very concerned that his little brother Luke is happy and content and has everything he needs. Every morning before breakfast, he brings Luke a toy that Reese thinks he would like.
  • He loves to dance and sing.
  • He likes to carry toys around with him, especially cars and animals.
  • He loves "church day". 
  • He loves to wrestle with Will, Daddy, or anyone who is in a prone position for that matter. He's a very touchy-feely guy and gives the best hugs.
  • He's great at remembering to say "Thanks, Mom!"
  • When he gets excited, he jumps up and down and throws his hands in the air.
  • He's the middle child, but with his personality, he'll never be forgotten!