December 8, 2009

Personal Evaluation

I am a big believer in hitting the "reset" button every once in a while and evaluating where I am in life. That is one thing I loved about college happened in semester chunks of time so I could always spend the end of each semester reflecting and evaluating if my priorities were in order. Not living by semesters anymore has changed the natural rhythm of personal evaluation so I was excited when I recently was given a personal vision worksheet to think through if God's priorities for me were my priorities for me. One thing that the speaker said when going through why personal evaluation had been important to her was that when we stand before God and are accountable to Him, we will stand on our own. We won't stand with our husband or our children or our pastor. We'll stand as an individual who was given an individual life and individual gifts and responsibilities. So we must examine our lives to make sure we're living them well before God!

Here are the questions. I think it's important to remember that we answer them under God's guidance. If we're just trying to do things for ourselves, then, obviously, our priorities are skewed.

1. Why did you choose your profession-whether it be a stay at home mom or in the business world?
2. What attitude changes have you been aware of in the past few years?
3. If you feel your life counts right now, what are the things that led you to that point?

1. Is what you are doing right now what God has convicted you of in the past?
2. Do you feel like you are growing emotionally and spiritually? Do you know how to nurture those aspects of your life?
3. What is God doing in you specifically right now?
4. If you understand spiritual gifts, do you feel they are being used?
5. How do you view your relationship to your spouse, kids, and parents? Do you know their hopes and dreams?

1. What is your view of yourself a) as an individual b) as a wife, if that applies c) as a mother, if that applies and d) as a friend?
2. What areas of your life do you hope to develop?
3. What/where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?
4. If you are married now and for some reason were no longer, what would you be doing right now? Or vice versa.
5. What do you think God is doing right now in your life?
6. What would you do if you had all the time, money, energy, etc. and God said He didn't care and you knew you couldn't fail?
7. If the doctor said you had 5 years to live what would you do?
8. What makes you want to wee? What makes you explode with anger? What keeps you up at night?
9. Could you give your life for any one of these?
10. With whom would you most like to work?
11. What do you want your epitaph to read?
12. If you had all the skills needed, what position would you have?
13. What accomplishments are you most proud of?
14. What will make the most difference 50 years from now?