February 27, 2010

Year One

In honor of our approaching 10 year anniversary, I decided to take a trip down memory lane on my blog.  It's definitely been 10 years, as evidenced by changing appearances (no comments, please....although Bill is fair game) and the non-digital pictures. So forgive my lack of a scanner and hang with me on the not-so-clear pictures.

We got married on March 11, 2000 in Tyler, Texas. We had dated for 3 1/2 years so it had been a long time coming and we were super excited! 

This is my favorite picture of our wedding day. It was taken by Andrea (now Poehl) and she sent it to me a few weeks after the wedding. I have had it in a frame in our living room ever since. The next day after the wedding, we flew out to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

We had a great first year of marriage. We lived in a itty bitty seminary house in Ft. Worth (rent: $300/mo) while we both went to seminary and Kyle worked full-time for a college fraternity called Brothers Under Christ (BYX). He worked as the first executive director for the organization out of our second bedroom. Our little house was a great first house. It was built in the 1920's and was so small that we could have a conversation from any two points in the house. The only downside: no dishwasher.

I finished seminary a few months after we married and then we made the decision that I would not work full time so I started working at a pregnancy center part-time. Here I am on my first day of work:

The best parts of our first year revolved around time we spent together. Beyond Kyle traveling to a university once a week overnight, we had little responsibility. We also had little money so a special night out was a walk around Sundance Square in Ft. Worth and a snowcone. We started teaching the college class together at our church and enjoyed having college students and BYX guys over to our house.

If you've been around us any length of time, you've heard us talking about our college friends and the reunions we have with them each summer. Those started a little before we got married. Here is one of our first "Girl's Weekends":

And here is Kyle with his GBF guys at Richard & Christy Pile's wedding, just a few months after Kyle and I got married. Our partner in Cville, Bill, is in the picture, but you Cvillians might not recognize him because he has hair.

The worst part of our first year was definitely when our house was broken into at Christmas time and all our presents were stolen....we found out later that it was a guy helping those 7 guys (the media called them the Texas 7) who broke out of jail and killed the police offer in Arlington....yikes!