March 29, 2010


This past weekend, we enjoyed visits from Texas. Kyle and Bill's friend from college came up to visit, but, sadly, was minus Shannon, his wife and my long-time friend. Their little baby got a double ear infection and couldn't fly so I was stuck watching basketball all weekend with the guys.

Thankfully, we also saw Justin and Angela Bassett. Both were leaders in our college ministry at Central and are now serving in a church plant in Keller. They came to D.C. for their anniversary and drove down to see us last night. We really enjoyed getting to catch up with them!

Spring is here in Charlottesville! We're loving the cherry blossoms and spring flowers blooming everywhere. The Downtown Mall merchants brought in a carousel and the boys loved riding it over and over and over.

Will's school has an annual Engineering Fair where each child completes an engineering project that they get to show off to their parents. Will had to choose a famous American to make with the condition that one part be moving, he use three colors of paper, and show two clues as to who the famous person was. Will chose George Washington Carver. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but his arm moves and he is holding a plant and a peanut. Way to go, Will!