March 30, 2010

Teaching Kids About Easter

Here's more for celebrating Passion week with kids:

Tuesday Before Easter: Leaders Try to Trick Jesus and Find a Way

The temple leaders began to try to trick Jesus by asking Him hard questions about God. They thought they could make Him look silly and people would stop following Him. But Jesus answered all the hard questions. This made the leaders even more mad, so mad that they wanted to kill Him.

One of Jesus’ friends, Judas, knew that the leaders wanted to kill Jesus. He went to talk to them and decided to betray (give him to the leaders) Jesus. They were glad and gave him money. Judas told them He would try to get Jesus away from the crowds of people and then let the leaders know where He was.

Older Children: Read Luke 20: 1-8, 20-26 to see examples of the questions the leaders asked Jesus. Why were the leaders jealous of Jesus? Also read Luke 22:3-6 about Judas. Why did Judas betray Jesus? Was it worth it for him?


· Count out 30 coins together. Talk about: Was Jesus’ life on earth worth more than 30 coins? Why or Why not? What is Jesus’ life worth to our family?