March 31, 2010

Teaching Kids About Easter

Wednesday Before Easter: Mary Anoints Jesus for Burial

Remember, Jesus knew all along what was going to happen to Him. He knew that at the end of the week He would die.

During that last week, a woman named Mary (not his mother) came to Him carrying a jar of expensive perfume. This perfume was used on people after they died. She broke the jar and poured it on his head and even used her hair to wipe it on His feet. She did this as a sign of her love for Jesus and because she understood that He would soon die. Some of the people with them were angry. They said she should have used the money from selling the perfume to feed the poor. But Jesus said she did a good thing because she worshipped Him.

Older Children: Read Mark 14:3-9. Why do you think Mary broke the perfume on Jesus? Do you think she wasted it? What was Jesus’ response to her?


· B Bring out a perfume bottle and let the children smell it. Use it as a prop when you tell the story.

· U Use playdough to make a jar of perfume and then act out the story.