April 9, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Will's top two teeth have been loose for quite a while. He's been anxious to lose them because in his first grade class they keep track of who has lost teeth. Evidently it's their moment to shine at school. Poor Will has yet to lose one during the school year (he lost his bottom two last summer).

Yesterday, we took a family trip to Richmond (yay! Jason's Deli!) and when Will bit into his ice cream cone after lunch, he said, "Mama! Look!" as he stuck his tongue out. His tooth! He could not contain his excitement. He proceeded to jump around, pump his arms, tell the neighboring table (as the blood continued to flow), and dance in place. There is a gaping hole in his mouth, soon to grow larger when the other one comes out.

Of course he knew all about the tooth fairy and the "dime" she was to leave for him. We got off easy!