April 18, 2010

Easter (a little late)

We had a great week leading up to Easter and an even better day celebrating the resurrection. I love that the older two boys are finally starting to understand more about the "whys" of special days. We usually have a big meal with church folks (used to be college orphans), but this year Kyle made the executive decision that we'd just celebrate as a family. It also happened to fall on Spring Break so we had lots of good and needed family time!

One of our favorite CCC girls, Emily Flory, surprised the boys with an Easter cake. They couldn't wait to dive in, but I made them wait until Easter lunch. Here they are enjoying the cake:

We had our Easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter so we'd have plenty of time to play and hunt. They loved it and were done in record time. It's weird to look back at these pictures, taken just 10 days ago, and see the yellow grass and trees not yet budding. Just a day or so after Easter, the trees had full leaves and the flowers started blooming around time. We live in a beautiful place! New life, indeed.