April 28, 2010

That Awful Anxiety

My son has made alot of progress in the three years since he was diagnosed with autism. For that I am extremely thankful, but the other day I realized that I tend to worry more about him than I do my other boys. I really don't struggle with trusting God in many areas, but for some reason I still tend to equate my work/my worry with how much Will can achieve in the future.

On Sunday, one of our pastors spoke on anxiety from Matthew 6. It was a word straight to my heart concerning Will. Here are my notes:

All that pleases is but for a moment
All that worries is but for a moment
Nothing is important except for that which is eternal

One of the greatest threats to our faith is worldliness, which comes in the forms of greed and worry.

When Jesus says "do not worry" in Matthew 6, it literally means do not have a distracted and divided heart when it was meant to be singularly focused. The distraction and division is caused by fear.

Answers to Anxiety:
  • The Creator will also be the Sustainer
The body is greater than clothing and life is greater than food. God is the one who created life and the body so how difficult is it for Him to provide food & clothing? He didn't create us and the leave us to starve and die. 2 Peter 1:3: He gives us everything we need for life.
  • God feeds the birds and you are far more valuable
Have you ever seen a bird starve? Do dead birds liter the grass? When they need food, they have it. They are joyful and stress-free. We are God's kids and a good Father always provides for His kids. Romans 8:32
  • If God takes care of the temporal, how much more will He care for the eternal
The flowers are here one day and then gone the next. God makes the flowers, which are passing, beautiful. We are eternal--how much more valuable are we and how much more will He take care of us. We need to work hard and then trust God to provide and bless, knowing everything comes from Him.
  • He knows what we need (more than we even do)
Phil 4:19: He will supply all of our needs
  • Anxiety is Futile
Everything we worry about is completely out of our control and we cannot add a single hour to our life (or change the things we worry about) through worry.

In light of these things, why are we still anxious?
vs. 30: "oh you of little faith"
lack of faith=cause of anxiety
We don't believe God. We think if it's going to get done, it's up to me, but anxiety is a misplaced hope.

What makes me anxious?
It boils down to idolatry. Again, it's a misplaced hope.

This has shed good light on my anxiety over Will. I hope it is an encouragement to you today.