April 23, 2010

Things I'm Thinking About

  • I am thankful that my husband has godly friends that sharpen him as a pastor, a husband, and a father. He is with his college buddies this weekend and even though I miss him, I'm thankful he has that time with such great men of God.
  • My sister had her baby girl last week. The first girl after five rowdy boys! She has the biggest cheeks and I can't wait to hold her and get an up close look at them. You can see pictures of my new niece Claire on my sister's blog. I now have a reason to shop the girl's side of Gymboree!
  • In my time with Him, the Lord has been reminding me of His faithfulness toward us in our call to church plant, our move, and our first few years here in Virginia. Sometimes when I think about it all, I feel so full of joy that I feel I might burst. It also gives me strength for the seemingly never-ending tasks ahead in church planting. I am EXTREMELY thankful that the Lord called us to this because it has grown my understanding of Him, how He works, and how dependable He is. I feel like I'm living in faith and even though that is pretty difficult and scary sometimes, it's a great place to be. I just want to stay here! It reminds me of that Watermark song "The Purest Place": The purest place I will draw near, Do what it takes to keep me here, In the center of your heart, The purest place is where you are.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Kyle told me that a former student from our college ministry is preparing to church plant in Portland, Oregon. I got so excited! Today, we received a letter from a friend church planting in San Diego. I got so excited! I was excited that the Lord is at work, but I was also excited (and this is something I've been thinking about) that these families are going to places of great need. Wow, these families have faith....not to draw attention to themselves and be cool church planters, but to reach people with the gospel. I'm thankful, challenged, and encouraged to see that because sometimes my wicked heart wants the disciple's life to be easy and give me favor among men. The work these men are doing, my husband included, is spiritually difficult work. I am thankful that their lives challenge me to press on in living life for my Savior.
  • I pulled out some old family home movies yesterday, tapes my grandfather put together of when I was a baby. They have no sound, but it was so cool watching my very young looking parents dote on me. And I looked just like Luke! It was like watching him on screen. Reese even said things like, "Luke is eating ice cream" as he watched with me. Those tapes inspired me to pull out the videos of my own children, which brought up wonderful memories of their births, our life in College Station, and thoughts of how far they've come. My heart is full!