May 21, 2010

Dashed Dreams Part 5

To the cynic, it may seem too difficult to accept suffering from a good God or too simplistic of an explanation that good can come from suffering. But what else do we have if we don’t have hope? What else do we have but Jesus?
In the end, we cannot know all the purposes God has for allowing disabilities to exist. We cannot see every way that God will use our children to bring Him glory. We can confidently trust, however, that any purpose He has is good.
I want to be the person who has honest thoughts and emotions concerning my circumstances, but who also has active, unwavering hope. I will never say, “I’m trusting God because he will make my son better.” Instead, I will say, “I’m trusting God no matter what.” It’s simple to say, but with a flesh that cries out for comfort, happiness, and ease, I have to actively work at placing my heart in this posture of surrender before the Lord. I want a heart that, even when questioning my circumstances, says, “Yes, Lord.”
I did not come to this place until I learned to trust in the Person of Christ and His heart toward me rather than looking for what He could do for me. I know I’ll be disappointed if I trust in God to provide me with only comfortable circumstances, but I’ll never be disappointed if I look to God to be the source and object of my hope.