May 31, 2010

Will is Seven

My oldest is now a 7 year old boy! We are so thankful for Will in our family. Here are some thoughts about him that I recorded on his birthday:
  • He's up to my armpits tall with long skinny legs that remind me of Kyle's boyhood pictures.
  • I love his big, sweet green eyes!
  • He has his first scar from slicing his head open during one of our giant snowstorms. Kyle had to trudge with him through the snow to where the car was parked at the bottom of the hill to take him to the ER.
  • Will has boundless excitement and energy.
  • He loves to play video games, especially Mimi's Nintendo DS, Mario Cart, and on Dad's iphone.
  • He was eager to bring chocolate cupcakes to his class on his birthday. He helped me make them and then passed them out so lovingly to his classmates.
  • He's into Toy Story and wanted Buzz Lightyear and Woody for his birthday.
  • He's enjoying t-ball (such a relief!) and is actually pretty good at it.
  • Will loves going to church and community group. He just graduated to "big church" with Mom & Dad and has done AWESOME sitting and listening and singing.
  • He's great at math.
  • Will is such a sweet, obedient boy.
  • He loves his brothers and is fiercely protective of them.
  • He is adventurous and not afraid to try new things. He especially loves going on the big slides at the Great Wolf Lodge.
  • He has a special friend, Jacqueline, at school that he says he wants to marry someday.
  • He is missing his two front teeth: