June 4, 2010

Kids and Jesus

I took the recommendation off the Girl Talk blog yesterday and bought two new Scripture memory cd's for the kids. They are called Seeds Family Worship and I'm so glad I got them; they are wonderful!

Purchasing the music got me thinking about things we do with our kids to teach them about Jesus. Before I had kids and even before I got married, I thought there was a secret formula for couple and family devotions. I've realized, now that my kids are old enough to really understand what we're doing, that things we do with them will often change (and need to change) so I need to be consistently re-evaluating if what we're doing is age-appropriate and meaningful.

At the moment, we've gotten into some good routines and found some great products to help us impart Christ to our kids. BUT I'm still looking for good books for Will that he can read on his own. Suggestions?

Here are the things we love:
  • Noel Piper's Treasuring God in Our Traditions gave us lots of suggestions and ideas for developing daily and seasonal family traditions that speak of Christ. In fact, I just re-read portions of it when we transitioned Will to big church with us.
  • Scripture set to music, like Steve Green's Hide Em in Your Heart and, now, Seeds Family Worship. It's great for the kids and it's great for me! Recently, the Lord's prayer came up in Reese's Scripture memory line-up. I thought it would take us forever to get through it, but when I started in on the first line, his eyes lit up and he proceeded to say the entire thing! Then I remembered it was on the Steve Green cd. Nice!
  • We use the Truth and Grace Memory Book from Founder's Press for Scripture memory work each afternoon after snack. It lists verses for different ages and also has the catechism if you're interested in teaching that to your kids. I list out verses the kids need to learn to earn a little treat, which helps them stay motivated. Sometimes I think, "How much of this is staying in there?" Then I tell myself how much I remember from doing Bible Drill growing up...lots. We review alot, but I know some of this will stick forever.
  • For family devotionals after breakfast, we use the Family-Time Bible in pictures. After trying an assortment of kid's Bibles, this rose to the top. I think this is an area that needs constant re-evaluation as the kids grow. I hope someday soon that Kyle and I are reading to them from the Bible, but we're not there yet.
Any suggestions on books for Will to read? I'm interested in him reading about faithful believers, Bible stories, etc. Thanks!