June 25, 2010

A Plan God Blesses

I just wrote an update about our church yesterday, which got me thinking more about what God is doing among our Body here.

When we moved here, we had a pretty specific vision of what we thought church could be and what kind of fellowship God was calling us to build. Kyle and I both have always had an intense passion about discipleship (helping people grow to maturity in Christ through one-on-one relationships or groups of 2-3) and we have longed to see that same passion become a part of the DNA of our church.

It's been re-inspiring for me as I've spent time with women talking about discipleship this summer. We started with a very convicting sermon (scroll down to #186 which is Two Words: Make Disciples...there are also a few more around that number about discipleship) by David Platt and then moved on to these compelling ideas:

  • Every (every!) believer is commanded to go and make disciples. It's what we're here for. It's what the church was created for. It's the plan that God is guaranteed to bless, unlike so many things that Christians do that God never said to do (even good things).
  • Taken from Greg Ogden's Transforming Discipleship: Let’s suppose you are an evangelist and you want to add believers to the Kingdom. You make it your goal to win one person to Christ every day for a year for the next 16 years. How many people will be saved after 16 years? 5840. Now let’s suppose you practice multiplication. Instead of becoming an evangelist, you become a discipler. The discipler would win one person to Christ per year and spend the year discipling that person to maturity in Christ. Every year from that point forward, he would win a person and disciple them and teach that person to go and do likewise. At the end of 2 years, the numbers aren’t that remarkable. At the end of 16 years, though, there would be 65,536 mature followers of Christ. At the same time, you have been sharpened by hundreds of people.
  • It's relationship-based, not program-based, which is why the church has so often failed to produce mature disciples.
  • Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators, used to say, “Activity is no substitute for production. Production is no substitute for reproduction.” Whatever ministry we are engaged in, it ought to be reproductive.
I hope you'll listen to the sermon when you get a chance! Enjoy your day!