June 15, 2010

Spring Forth Farm

Today we ventured out to Esmont, VA to visit Spring Forth Farm. A family in our church owns the farm and invited (or we invited ourselves) us out to see what they're working on. The farm is in the initial stages. They have planted many apple and peach trees and a garden alongside their grazing cattle, chickens, sheep, and honeybees. Needless to say, they are working extremely hard. It was inspiring to see the progress they've made in such a short time.

The boys immensely enjoyed the visit--getting to see the four Lykosh boys, riding with Andres, and petting all the animals. Oh, and jumping on the trampoline! The chickens provided an egg "scavenger hunt" since they seemed to lay eggs in any open crevice. The boys were even brave enough to learn to hold a hen and gently approach a cow. By the end of our visit, they were running through the sheep pen, observing the bee hive, and covered in mud. What fun for boys!

Reese enjoyed the trampoline! Who knew a farm would have one?

Luke and Joe enjoying a quick read together

The bees devouring their sugar. Reese was standing thisclose to the pail, even offering them a daisy (every bee's desire). Mom stood very far off (a little panicked I must admit).

Luke and his battle scars

Isaiah, the animal whisperer, helped Reese approach the cattle.

Luke, after finding a hen and her eggs in the cattle trailer

Amy was gracious to tell us about the farm and help the boys learn to hold a chicken.

Lots of eggs! We even brought some home to enjoy.