July 20, 2010

Summer Flashback

I have so many pictures that have yet to be posted on the blog. Here are a few to recap the summer so far:

Reese & Will have been at VBS this week and Luke has enjoyed all the attention Mom and Dad have to offer. Kyle happened to be home yesterday when we got back from running errands so Luke lapped up some love.

Will went to day camp in June. He held a snake, rode a horse, swam ALOT, and generally had a fabulous time. On the last day, he got to stay at camp for an overnight. I took this picture that evening. It was so weird not having him home with us!!

I took this picture when we picked up him at the end of his last day (and after the overnight stay). He had tons of fun, but he was extremely tired. He was a little weepy because he broke his water bottle.

This is Kyle and the boys on Father's Day. Kyle is opening the gift that Reese made for him at preschool. We saw it and laughed so hard. Here is what was inside:

We've spent alot of time at the pool this summer. Here's Reese with his best bud, Noah, at our church's pool party: