August 5, 2010

Fun with Friends

We ventured up to D.C. yesterday to hang out with friends of ours who had a long layover at Dulles. They were returning from Africa, where they met their baby daughter for the first time. What a treat to see Tim & Jo, especially after such a pivotal and life-changing trip for them. Seeing pictures of their adorable baby girl and hearing the account of their first sight of her brought tears to my eyes! I am so proud of my best friend and her husband as they follow God's leading into adoption. Now I just can't wait to meet my new "niece" when she comes home in a few weeks.

After an overnight flight from Ethiopia, Jo and Tim pushed through exhaustion and braved the humidity for a trip to the National Zoo with our family. We stayed long enough to say we'd done it and then headed out to what we all were craving--real Tex-Mex at Uncle Julio's! Yum, yum, and more yum. Here we are at the zoo:
On a side note, I recounted a story about Jo and me to a friend just last week. I have known Jo since we met at church in 6th grade, after which we were inseparable until we went to different colleges. In high school, our youth choir performed on random Sunday evenings. One particular evening, we were in the front row of the choir loft about to sing when Jo said something that made me laugh. She started laughing with me and neither of us could stop. We spent the entire performance trying to contain ourselves, with our bodies convulsing and tears running down our faces. Afterward, we told Jo's mom about our inability to stop laughing and she said, "I couldn't tell. I just thought you looked really happy up there!" That made us laugh even more.

That performance was a few years after we sang "Friends are Friends Forever" in duet and started laughing when we messed up the words. I can't believe they let us on that stage ever again!!

Love you, Jo, and hope your jet-lag ends quickly!