August 16, 2010

A Week at the Beach

My parents generously took us and my sister's family to the beach this past week. We had lots of fun, with pictures to prove it:

My parents with all the grandkids (5 boys, 1 girl)
A family portrait (this was the best we could get):
Will adores his "girl cousin", Claire and wanted to hold her any chance he got:
When your wife is away, who else do you have to put sunscreen on your back?
All the boys making a "lake" in the sand:
My nephew, Tyler:
My other nephew, Cooper:
Doesn't the Baywatch theme song run through your head when you see this beefcake running in the ocean?
Lots of men in one small hot tub:
My youngest always insists on wearing his sunglasses upside down:
My two little fish:
My sister and her baby girl:
Do you think this little girl got any attention from the boys?
My dad after being buried in the sand:
Oh, the joy of being buried: