September 21, 2010


I am easily distracted.

When I'm out with my husband, I'm distracted by the conversation behind me.

When I'm reading a book to my kids, I'm distracted by the mental to-do list pounding in my head.

When I have a quiet moment to myself, I'm distracted by the computer or mindless t.v.

Sometimes, I'm distracted on a deeper level. I know what God has given me to do, but it lacks glamour or has become routine, so I'm distracted by my cravings and discontentment.

Other times, I'm distracted by what others are doing so I try to imitate them, imprisoning myself and giving away my joy.

I don't like being distracted, but it's difficult to maintain a purposeful life. It takes the ability to say no. It means developing a passion for just a few things, rather than trying to do and be it all. It requires a peaceful heart undaunted by the pursuits and passions of others. It comes when we know who we were intended to be and we rest in, even celebrate, that.

There is freedom and purpose in becoming a woman of few and fixed passions.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am learning to surrender my own dreams and passions and take on His for my life. In doing so, I choose to take on His priorities for me to be:

An abiding disciple
A loving wife
A purposeful mother
A wise keeper of my home
A servant outside my home in my church, my work, and my community

I've been thinking about purpose alot lately in an attempt to not only declutter my life, but also to more specifically target what God has for me to be about. I've even evaluated the blog, asking God to show me His purpose for me in writing. You may have noticed that I added an About the Blog sidebar (which is basically a repost of this post...ha!). I will continue to post occasional updates about our family, but I feel that my purpose for this blog is to invite you to join me in focusing on the above priorities. It's not to say hey, I've got it all together but friend, let's do this together! 

I'm going to start a series tomorrow on stages in parenting. I'm excited to host a guest blogger at the beginning of next week about parenting during the teenage years. If you have questions you're dying to ask, please email me.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I look forward to growing together.