November 24, 2010

A Taste of Home

This is what we're devouring for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, along with my first attempt at my grandmother's turkey dressing and many other yummy things.
It's a Greenberg turkey, straight from my hometown of Tyler, TX. My heart filled with joy when it arrived.

Alot of my planning for tomorrow--and days of happily hosting my husband's family--has involved food.
I haven't spent as much time planning how to express my thankfulness to God.

So here's my plan, made in the hustle of preparations for tomorrow:
I hope to get up early tomorrow and spend some time with Him.
I also hope to enjoy the company of family and friends over a meal.
And I'll continue to sing the song that's been stuck in my head this week: Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.

How will you be expressing your thankfulness to God?