December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Hoover family!

We're thankful for how God has shown His grace to us in 2010 in our marriage, our family, and our church. Here are the highlights:

  • Kyle and I left the Snowpocalypse Virginia experienced in February to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary in Hawaii. We visited some of the same places we went on our honeymoon and thanked God for our ten years together and all He has taught us in it.
  • After a little more than two years of church planting, Kyle has entered into his sweet spot as a pastor and leader. He continues to be passionate about leading and discipling others and the Lord is using him in that role. He also has enjoyed a few hunting expeditions with a friend this fall, but, unfortunately, hasn't gotten anything yet. 
  • As a mom, I love the stage of life we've entered with our children. They are growing more independent and fun to be with every day.  With the free hours in my week while all three kids are in school, I have started freelance writing, primarily for a local magazine, but also for some popular Christian magazines. I have also served in the church through hospitality and discipleship, two things I'm passionate about.

  • Our children are healthy and thriving in Charlottesville. Will (7) loves school, reading, and playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. He is enthusiastic about learning and is currently into telling us knock-knock jokes. Reese (5) loves writing his letters, drawing pictures, and attending preschool. He is quite the social butterfly and makes us laugh constantly. Luke (almost 3) loves going to preschool two mornings a week and trying to keep up with his brothers in anything they do. His communication skills amaze us. A future pastor like his father, perhaps? 

  • Our church, Charlottesville Community Church, continues to grow. There have been many challenges and joys in church planting and many of the joys have come this year, such as more and more families joining, several mission teams coming to serve our city, a new worship leader, students connecting to non-students in the church, lots of discipleship happening, a plant out of our church, and a mission team going out from our body this summer. We're also thankful for the community we have with our church family!

We love you and wish you a very Merry Christmas!