December 11, 2010

The Perfect Gift

I am not ashamed to admit that one of my primary love languages is receiving gifts.

For my 30th birthday (ahem) a few years ago, my husband took me on a surprise trip to beautiful Carmel, California. A few weeks before the trip, he handed me the first of several clues about our destination, but I didn't figure it out until we landed in California. It was kind of like Richard Gere taking Julia Roberts to San Francisco in Pretty Woman, minus the fancy jewels, red dress, and private airplane. Oh, and the money exchanging hands.

I loved it-- for the trip, for the time together, and for the thought he put into it. But I also equally loved the suspense and anticipation of the gift in the weeks leading up to it.

I love receiving thoughtful gifts, but I also love giving gifts. Whenever I find something that I know a certain someone will love, I can't wait to give it to them. I especially anticipate giving my children the gifts that I know will send them into another stratosphere. I'm pretty sure it's going to happen this year and I can't wait.

I don't feel so bad about my love language because I think God's love language must be gifts too. The Old Testament seems like one big clue from God about a gift coming to His children, a gift He will delight in giving and knows will delight them to receive. He offered the prophets a chance to give out those clues one-by-one until the anticipation was built to a perfect climax and then, bam, the Perfect Giver gave out the Perfect Gift.

Advent is anticipating and waiting for the Perfect Gift as if we don't yet know what it is. And Christmas isn't just about the Gift, but about the joy and love the Father has shown in giving it to us. As the Gift is revealed, He giddily anticipates for our reaction.

Will we receive the Perfect Gift with delight?