January 22, 2011

Grace on a Lanyard

During my junior year of high school, the principal announced that we students were required to wear our school I.D. cards on a lanyard around our necks. My friends and I all thought this was a travesty, considering how it would clash with many an ensemble we had so carefully selected. After all, I was a girl who spent hours each morning getting ready for school. After washing, drying, and rolling my hair, I teased my bangs until they stood several inches above my head before solidifying them with half of a can of hairspray. Then I packed my hairspray in my drawstring purse for school, which I pulled out for touch-ups and bang emergencies throughout the day. I certainly didn't want a dorky I.D. necklace ruining my 'do or my mojo. 

I moved up in the world when I went off to college and got a new I.D. card. For one, I didn't have to wear it around my neck. Even better, it got me places. It got me in my dorm, magically paid for meals (thanks Mom and Dad), and got me privileges like entrance to football games. I lost it once and felt completely helpless for a few hours, but, hey, at least I got a new one with a picture after rather than showing the freshman 15.

Now, when I think about grace, I think about those I.D. cards. 

Once I entered college, my high school I.D. no longer represented who I was. It couldn't get me anywhere. It became null and void, just like my old self after Christ. 

My college I.D. card, however, granted me access to everything I needed for a full college life. It represented my new position in life, just like my new position in Christ. My new I.D. tells me that I've been made right, that God approves of me, and that He sees Jesus when He looks at me. 

The problem is that I often see myself as that punk high school kid weighed down by an embarrassing lanyard. It's hard to believe that I can pull out that new I.D. card and use it, that I've been given such grace that all those old labels have been replaced and I have access to the Father.

But what if it is true? What if God sees Jesus when He looks at me? 

What if He sees Jesus when He looks at you?

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