January 6, 2011

Smooches and Snowcones

When my husband Kyle and I had our first kiss atop Reunion Tower in Dallas in 1996, the earth moved.

Maybe it was because we were standing on the overlook of a rotating ball-shaped building, but, still, the earth moved.

For Valentine's the following year, because we lived in separate cities, I planned an elaborate love bombardment in which I mailed him a little gift or card for each day in February leading up to the 14th. The gifts culminated in a poster of Reunion Tower. Hey, what can I say? I was a poor college student in love. And I loved doing little things that let him know that he was special to me.

Then, after years of (im)patiently waiting for a proposal, we got married. We lived in a seminary house in Ft. Worth in a sketchy neighborhood where people with guns ran through the yard shooting at other people with guns running through the yard. We didn't have any money--thus, the house in the sketchy neighborhood--so we spent time together by going on walks. There was, however, one special treat Kyle would buy me: snow-cones. I got so excited over those snow-cones. So excited, in fact, that he made it a rule that I had to chant SNOW-CONES! SNOW-CONES! SNOW-CONES! the entire drive to the snow-cone stand. We had so much fun that summer in that little house with no money.

Fast-forward 11 years and three kids later. My life consists of lots of laundry, scheduling, errands, chasing sleep, and loads of responsibility. I also have a husband that I love very much, probably more than the day we were married. But, sometimes, when he comes home from work, I am too busy cooking dinner to stop and smooch him. Other times, I am too tired for a conversation on the couch. I'm good at planning things for my kids, but I don't often think about how I can plan something special for my husband. 

I don't think I'm the most dour woman in the world, but I want to be as fun and playful as I used to be. I want to charm my husband and make him glad he's my husband.

Maybe it starts with a snow-cone.

How do you keep things fun and playful with your man? Tell me in the comments!