February 22, 2011

Artful Compassion

In high school, I always knew my friend Shaun was musically and artistically talented. He played the piano by ear, singing along with longing and passion in his voice. He played the saxophone, like a skinny Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall, except without sunglasses and with much more skill. He could even draw. Once, on a paper tablecloth at an Italian restaurant, he drew a picture of me with a mound of spaghetti in front of my face.

He lived and breathed music and art. It was like it flowed through him and even if the music didn't have words, he spoke to people through it.

After college, Shaun found success in the Christian music business when his album Invitation to Eavesdrop hit the shelves. I remember hearing "Welcome Home" on the radio and being so proud of what Shaun had made of himself. He was, after all, made to do this, to create art through music.

However, I am infinitely more proud of how my friend Shaun is using his musical platform to advocate for children all across the globe. Today, I am sharing Shaun's story over at Christianity Today. I hope you'll join me there!