March 18, 2011

The Days are Long..

but the years are short. That's what someone recently reminded me about being the mom of young children. 

Lately, when I look at my tall, skinny, smarty-pants first grader, I am fully aware that this statement is true. Kyle and I talked today about the births of each of our boys, recounting the moments we associate with each one and talking about how quickly the years are passing. I always have moments where I think to myself, "Remember this moment" and try to soak it in. Here are some things I want to remember about having young children:

  • the smell of freshly washed children smothered in Johnson & Johnson baby lotion
  • juicy, naked tooshies
  • slobbery, open-mouth kisses
  • them being small enough to sit in my lap (and wanting to)
  • the sheer excitement on their faces when doing/seeing new things
  • the way they run to me when I've been away
  • sweet voices singing songs about Jesus
  • footie pajamas
  • chubby fingers
  • the sound of "Mama" does it so quickly change to "Mom"?
  • the way they look sleeping at night
  • rocking and singing before bed
  • the way they wrestle and run through the house
  • the feel of little arms wrapped around my neck
  • the giggles I can get from playing peek-a-boo or jumping out from around the corner
  • the smell of Pampers diapers
  • being able to contain them in a crib
  • naptimes
  • the arts and crafts they bring home from preschool/church/school
  • playing games and reading books and just spending time together
  • little feet!!!
  • their innocence
  • watching Kyle play with the boys
  • seeing them start to know/remember Bible stories and verses
What do you want to remember about these years of mothering young kids?

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